[B-Greek] Koine Greek fluency

bertdehaan at sympatico.ca bertdehaan at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 22 20:57:36 EDT 2005

  Mike Sangrey <MSangrey at BlueFeltHat.org> wrote:
>> might I
>> suggest that a fluent Koine Greek Bible student is one who can  
>> word the
>> text in clear, accurate and natural English (or whatever their heart
>> language is) with a minimum of analysis.  In other words, if you can
>> read the Greek and then say in English what it says in Greek and  
>> do so
>> in a way that a normal English speaker (a person in the KMart parking
>> lot) can understand, then you're Koine Greek fluent.
 I don't think I agree with that.
I can read both English and Dutch fluently but to give a translation is quite a bit more involved than being fluent in both languages.
I think that is what Dr. Conrad is referring to when he wrote:

 " What is needed -- and what Randall's  
pedagogy aims at, I think -- is THINKING IN GREEK as opposed to  
translating. And this is what one who learns Greek in order to READ  
Greek texts should, I think, aim at."
I have also read once (I think it was also Carl who wrote this) that self learners are seldomly successful in learning Greek.
I find that a little discouraging for I do not have an opportunity to attend formal Greek instruction.
However, even if I don't succeed in getting to the destination, I am enjoying the trip. I am at line 285 of the second book of the Iliad. The second book is going considerably faster than the first, but I am a looong way from reading Greek comfortably. (My intention is to read the whole Iliad and Odyssey)
My question is; Is it possible to become fluent in Greek to the point of being able to think in Greek, just by reading.
I enjoy reading Greek but I can hardly wait for the time when I can read Greek so well that I might forget that I am reading Greek.

Bert de Haan.

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