[B-Greek] A Greek Pedagogical Question

R Yochanan Bitan Buth ybitan at mscc.huji.ac.il
Fri Jul 22 09:13:03 EDT 2005

>> ... linguists can attest that much of what speakers say 'about' a
>> language is not often valid when it comes to explanation. The
>> side appears when an adult language user can give either a
>> or a popular explanation about a structure but cannot fluently use
>> or understand it when hearing it at normal conversational speeds. I
>> don't advocate analyzing a structure as a doorway into fluency.
>Why is this bizarre? Can a typical NT translation 
>consultant order a meal in Koine? 
>Was fluency even a goal in their professional training?
You are right, non-fluent experts are the normal situation. It is only
bizarre from the perspective of normal language acquisition. Obviously
there are different training and language expectations for a
Shakespeare consultant and a Paul consultant. Is non-fluency a
desirable goal? Better language control? More efficient learning
rates? More long-lasting, better retention? As I said in another post,
I would set different goals with different measurements, though
language ability is incomplete in itself. (E.g., I speak English but
am not a Shakespeare consultant.)
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