[B-Greek] Koine prayer books (Steve Puluka)

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Wed Jul 20 12:55:15 EDT 2005

Steve Puluka wrote:

> A nice daily prayerbook that is a diglot Greek/English is published by 
> Holy Cross.  The book has about 100 pages of prayers that are dual 
> numbered, the Greek and English share text and page numbers.  This is a 
> basic collection of daily prayers.  These are excerpted from the 
> Synekdemos, the standard peoples prayer volume from the Greek tradition. 
>   I always liked the idea of a prayerbook being a traveling companion. 
> The full Synekdemos covers the full year with variable parts and is over 
> a 1,000 pages.
> The Symbol of Faith
> Morning prayers
> Prayers at mealtime
> Prayers before sleep
> The six Psalms (the core of Matins)
> Small Compline
> Preparation for Holy Communion
> Thanksgiving following Holy Communion
> Vaporis, N Michael, ed. Daily prayers for Othodox Christians. Brookline, 
> MA: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 1986.
> ISBN 0-917651-02-2
Steve, is this ISBN for the 100 page book? If so, would you please supply me 
with the name of the 1000+ page Synekdemos info? And do you know of other 
publishers that supply such volumes (that is, works in Koine or Byzantine 
Greek - preferably with English translations to these texts)?
Thank you,
Travis Jackson

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