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Steve Puluka steve at puluka.com
Tue Jul 19 22:40:31 EDT 2005

Eric Weiss wrote:
 > I have St. John Chrysostom's Divine Liturgy in a Koine Greek-English
 > diglot (from Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Dallas) - or at
 > least it appears that Chrysostom's liturgy uses Koine Greek grammar,
 > as it reads pretty familiarly to me. Do you know where I can purchase
 > an Orthodox Prayer Book that is likewise in KOINE Greek and English
 > (i.e., not a "modern Greek" English-Greek diglot) - e.g., with
 > Chrysostom's and Basil's, etc., prayers in their original Greek
 > (which I assume was Koine or near Koine)?

As I understand the language, Byzantine era Greek is still quite similar 
to Koine.  Liturgical texts from the Orthodox tradition are in this 
Byzantine Greek.

A nice daily prayerbook that is a diglot Greek/English is published by 
Holy Cross.  The book has about 100 pages of prayers that are dual 
numbered, the Greek and English share text and page numbers.  This is a 
basic collection of daily prayers.  These are excerpted from the 
Synekdemos, the standard peoples prayer volume from the Greek tradition. 
  I always liked the idea of a prayerbook being a traveling companion. 
The full Synekdemos covers the full year with variable parts and is over 
a 1,000 pages.

The Symbol of Faith
Morning prayers
Prayers at mealtime
Prayers before sleep
The six Psalms (the core of Matins)
Small Compline
Preparation for Holy Communion
Thanksgiving following Holy Communion

Vaporis, N Michael, ed. Daily prayers for Othodox Christians. Brookline, 
MA: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 1986.
ISBN 0-917651-02-2

Steve Puluka
Masters Student, SS Cyril & Methodius Seminary
Cantor, Holy Ghost Church, Mckees Rocks PA

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