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Warren Embree wembree at neb.rr.com
Tue Jul 19 11:46:22 EDT 2005

Blake & All:

I had sent this to Jim privately because I thought the thread was dead.

There is a work in progress that seeks to make various inscriptions
available on-line.  I thought someone had pointed to this earlier?


These are summarized on http://ancienthistory.about.com/od/abbreviations/
then click on the "Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions"

For "vt" under "All inscriptions" are:  V(ivus) T(itus), v(ixi)t, v(o)t(o),

If you go to the Frankfurt link and look up vivus titus or vixit, it gives
you a myriad of tombstone inscriptions that have VT before them.

For example:  V(ivus) T(itus) Cocceius T(iti) l(ibertus) Papa
Or: v(ixi)t annis XXXXIIII (sic--yes this is what is on the
tombstone--apparently the mason is paid by the letter?)

Hope this helps.

Warren C. Embree
Heidelberg TS

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