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On 7/17/05, Jim West <jwest at highland.net> wrote:
> What's the context? In what kind of document is this found. Can you
> >give a sentence or two?
> This is the context-
> What does the Latin abbreviation Vt. mean when it precedes a name?
> Vt. precedes a name.  That's the whole thing.  The whole deal.  The whole ball of wax.  There is no other information.

You seem rather annoyed at the request, but it would help tremendously
if we knew the context of *where* this is found, e.g. in a modern
dictionary, in a 15th century inscription on a cathedral wall, in an
ancient Latin text, etc.

For instance, if "n." was before a word in a dictionary, we would know
it means "noun", whereas "n." before a word on a tombstone would
indicate an abbreviation of a first name.  Any sort of context would

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