[B-Greek] POS Origins

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Like James Tauber, I'm not sure if there are books available on your 
interests here. If you are primarily thinking of the evolution of language, 
the writings of linguist Derek Bickerton come to mind.

If you are thinking of linguistic relationships which sometimes exist 
between word classes, such as between verbs and adjectives, or between 
demontratives and pronouns, then do web searches on keywords 
"grammaticalization" and "word classes."

I am still having difficulty tying all this to ATR and the b-greek mailing 
list, so I am not sure if I have understood yet what it is you are 
interested in. Unless you can help me see a closer connection to Greek, this 
will need to be my last post on this topic since without further 
understanding of the connection, this seems to be off-topic for this list. 
You could try posting your question to the Linguist List folks. Their 
website is at url:

Wayne Leman
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> I'd like to find a book that explains the origins of
> nouns (and how they differ from other POS; their
> distinctives, how the adjective branched off from
> this), adverbs (and how they differ from other
> verbals), finites, participles, prepositions, etc.
> Preference is for a book on each POS (nouns, verbs,
> adjectives, adverbs, etc) that examines the earliest
> writings (ATR does exactly this with the Sanskrit),
> but I'd like more information/history.
> Eddie Mishoe

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