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Jim West jwest at highland.net
Sun Jul 17 08:02:40 EDT 2005

Here's my original question-

What does the Latin abbreviation Vt. mean when it precedes a name?

I don't see how that's substantially different than the most recent 
rephrasing of exactly the same sentence.  The only further information 
is that its on an inscription.  Which does not seem to add any important 

Carl Conrad wrote:

>> No- it's a latin inscription and the letters are Vt.  (including the
>> period).  And Vt. comes right before a name.
>> Wayne Leman wrote:
>>> VT Vetus Testamentum. ??
> Well, knowing it's an inscription gives us a little bit more of  
> context than the original question (upon reading which I thought it  
> was in a critical apparatus). 

Why would it be a critical apparatus if it preceded a name- as was 
indicated in the original posting?


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