[B-Greek] Revelation 1:18

malcolm robertson mjriii2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 10:06:47 EDT 2005

Dear Stephen,
Welcome to B-Greek and I can tell you many blessings lie in store for you in the Greek text.  Happy mining.
Now to your query.  Please don't let your mind be clouded by compartmentalizing Greek grammar and divorcing it from common sense.  NEKROS is NEKROS.  EGENOMHN may be translated by *became* but it also may be translated simply by *was*.  If a person *becomes dead* they are actually dead.
EIMI NEKROS would not work simply because the statement *I am dead* would betray a lie.  HN NEKROS *I was dead* would however serve equally well and state the same thing.  But there is a theological nuance here implied by the use of EGENOMHN that may explain better this semantic choice of John (cf.1:4f).  List rules will not permit me to elaborate further.  However, the context makes it plain that EGENOMHN NEKROS is in contrast with both KAI hO ZWN and IDOU ZWN EIMI. 
Hope this helps and again welcome aboard.
Cordially in Christ,
Malcolm Robertson

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