[B-Greek] Revelation 1:18

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Tue Jul 12 17:00:58 EDT 2005

The New World "translation," as you put it, is a literal translation from  
the Greek.  The way it renders Revelation 1:18 is not different from other  
"translations," to use your expression.
For example, Revelation 1:18 in the Analytical-Literal Translation by Gary  
F. Zeolla (2001) reads: "And I became dead.  And Look!  I am living  into the 
ages of the ages."
The New Testament Transline by Michael Magill (2002) renders it: "And I  
became dead and behold -- I am living forever and ever."
Literal "translations," as you put it, do just that -- they translate  
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In chatting  to some JWs recently, we discussed Rev 1:18 where the First and 
the Last  states that "I was dead" (NIV). In the New World "translation", 
"became  dead". Looking in my GNT it is written


The usage  of GINOMAI struck me as curious and the notion of "becoming dead". 
Would a  use of EIMI NEKROS have worked too? Should we understand "becoming 
dead"  as being in the state of deadness? I'd be interested to read any 
thoughts  regarding this, regarding the use of GINOMAI as an auxiliary verb 
etc.  Also, if you have any references that discuss these types of questions, 
I'd be pleased to hear from you.

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