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Thu Jul 7 11:26:02 EDT 2005

---------------Greetings Greekers!  Copy to John O'Brien

I recently received the following inquiry - anyone who has a suggestion 
please respond directly to John O'Brien at obrien at cyber.net.pk


Susan Jeffers

John O'Brien's inquiry:

  Dr. Jeffers,

Greetings from Pakistan!

Excuse me if I intrude upon your valuable time.

I am a missionary in Pakistan and have been here for many years. I have a 
year of sabbatical study coming up and wish to use it studying New 
Testament Greek - preferably for a Master's degree; with a view to Bible 
translation work.

I have degrees in Theology; so Theology as such is not my main focus for 
this sabbatical. I studied  NT Greek years ago - it's there somewhere, but 
pretty rusty!

While searching on the Internet your name appeared in what seemed to be the 
most promising places for what I had in mind. The 
University/college/seminary may be anywhere: USA, Europe, UK or elsewhere. 
What matters is a course for a year devoted almost entirely to the text of 
the NT and leading to a Master's degree.

If you know of such a programme - or of one approximating to it, I would me 
most grateful if you would point me in that direction.

With thanks for your generous consideration of this letter.

Yours sincerely

John O'Brien.

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