[B-Greek] difference between TR and MT in John 17:3

david at lapointenclick.com david at lapointenclick.com
Sun Jul 10 23:57:22 EDT 2005

Dear B-Greek subscribers,
I'm completely new to the list, and am just starting to learn Greek. So,
please forgive me for asking a simple question.  I was working on
understanding GINOSKOS yesterday and found a difference between the Textus
Receptus and the Majority Text as made available through E-Sword.  It
sounds to me from some posts I've read from the archives that the Textus
Receptus was a particular document published in 1550 and the "Majority
Text" was more of a strain of or family of manuscripts maintained over
centuries...a group to which the Textus Receptus belongs.  So, I'm not
sure what is meant in E-Sword by labelling one of their Greek NT's as
"Majority Text"...but anyway, what they distribute under that title
differs from the TR in John 17:3...by one character (not to mention the
lack of accents, breathing marks and some punctuation, because those
differences are uniform throughout the documents).  (any correction of any
misunderstandings I might have in the above would be welcome...I suppose
it may not have much to do with my actual question, but I thought I'd
bring it up anyway as the whole thing with the various available sources
of the greek seems interesting to me.)

So, my question is, my TR has GINOSKOSIN whereas my MT only has GINOSKOSI:
what difference would that make to the meaning of the verse?

Thank you for your help.
Dave LaPointe

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