[B-Greek] [O]TI at Mt 7:14

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Sat Jul 9 17:56:44 EDT 2005

Oun Kwon wrote:

>Side questions:
>(2) What about the bookongous 'Word Biblical Commentary' (58-volume)?
>Since I don't have physical space any more allowed by my wife, the
>only one I am for is CD version to use with Logos (at $700!!) which
>would cost  my wife's peace and my fortune on social security income.

Yes- it's excellent.  As it goes with any series, some volumes are 
better than others- but in the NT section all of the Gospel commentaries 
are top notch.

And you can get it for less than that- by subscribing.  They will send you the volumes available and the others as they come out- and you can pay for 1 a month (which is how I did it lo these many years ago now).


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