[B-Greek] Need someone to telecommunicate Greek words.

Curtis Hinson curtis at curtishinson.com
Thu Jul 7 15:58:46 EDT 2005

I think so too.  That guy pronounces his chi in an Erasmian way though. 
There are a few anomalies in his pronounciation and meter.

Bless the Name
Curtis Hinson

Eric Weiss wrote:

>>I'm no expert, but I find the gentleman who reads through the Greek NT at
>>http://www.helding.net/greeklatinaudio/greek/ sounds superior to Ms
>It sounds like he uses a Modern Greek pronunciation - e.g., H (eta) and U (upsilon) are both 
>pronounced as "ee," and he does not pronounce the rough breathing (I listened briefly to I John 
>1). This is closer to a Koinê pronunciation than Erasmian is, though not quite the same as 
>Koinê would have been, based on Randall Buth's research and writings.
>Eric S. Weiss
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