[B-Greek] Need someone to telecommunicate Greek words.

Amos Bender bendersa at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 7 10:08:13 EDT 2005

Amos Bender
bendersa at earthlink.net
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Dear Friends at BGreek,
       I am starting to be able to read Greek and am wondering if there is anyone out there also learning Greek who would be interested in telephone communications with me where we would read Greek to each other and see how well we can understand each other.  This could help us both.  I live in US and have free nationwide calling as well as to Canada.  I am learning Erasmian Greek according to Marilyn Phemsters Greek recording.  I likely sound a lot like her when I read.  Yet I can not read as fast or as well as she does, yet I am excited that I can read reasonably fast, and know what I am reading.  It is amazing what is hidden in those strange characters when one gets to know the language.   Yet I have a long ways to go. 
God Bless

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