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Dony K. Donev dony at cupandcross.com
Tue Jul 5 13:28:47 EDT 2005


This is really interesting.

My experience is that close to 85% users (if not more) are Windows/IE-based 
(quite surprisingly, a great number still use Windows 95). On the other 
hand, little tools like yours are probably beyond the comprehension of the 
average Windows user. And finally, firefox has gotten quite attention 
recently with the introduction of tab browsing which for many Windows users 
remains a mystery.

I am still waiting for a precise search engine that can incorporate the 
present capabilities with some new ones. I am specifically interested in 
getting only direct hits when searching for a given bible verse by 
reference. The argument with the variety of abbreviations is the least to 
say invalid. A low-level script will solve this problem by providing a list 
of all abbreviations. For 66 Bible books they should not be more than 
400-500 which is really a matter of a nanosecond decision on the part of the 
engine. An intelligent script will limit this variations by using strings 
like Ro* for Romans, Ru* for Ruth, Re* for Revelation and so on.

Dony K. Donev

Cup & Cross Ministries

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> That's why UNICODE is the future of pleasant Greeking. :-) Vive la 
> Unicode.
> Transliteration is but a glimpse of the text, dimly...
> In other news, I wrote a little script to monitor the number of B-Greekers 
> who
> downloaded the Internet Explorer archive solution and the Firefox 
> solution, and
> I was interested to note that Firefox downloaders outnumbered IE 
> downloaders by
> nearly a two-to-one ratio! It's good to see open-source rocking the world 
> once
> again, or at least B-Greek.
> Bless the Name
> Curtis Hinson
> P.S. I regret the blank postings from me earlier.  I had a problem with my 
> mail client. 

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