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Steven Lo Vullo themelios at charter.net
Tue Jul 5 00:53:15 EDT 2005

On Jun 26, 2005, at 9:07 AM, George F Somsel wrote:

> On June 26, 2005 Carl Conrad wrote:
> As George Somsel has noted, searching for Biblical passages by using
> reference links is problematic precisely because of the broad range
> of formats in which we refer to passages (e.g. Romans 4:1, Rom 4:1,
> Romans 4.1, Rom 4.1, Ro 4:1, Ro 4.1, even Romans 4,1). I've found it
> easier when looking for a particular text to use the BG
> transliteration of key words in the passages, e.g. PISTEI or LOGOS or
> ____________
> The problem is that this doesn't work when contributors fail to enter 
> the
> text of the passage they wish to discuss.
> hint    Hint   HINT   * H * I * N * T *

It also may not work if someone doesn't use the standard 
transliteration scheme, e.g., uses X for C.

hint  Hint  HINT  *H*I*N*T* :-)

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