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You have three camps believing that theirs is the best

1) The Eclectic camp - The Nestle/Aland text - Older
manuscripts are better and conclusive conjectures can
be made, as to how various variant readings arose from
the autograph's reading.

2) The Majority/Byzantine camp - Southeastern Baptist
Theological Seminary's Maurice Robinson's
Majority/Byzantine Greek NT (published by Clinton
publishers) OR The "M" readings of the apparatus of
the Nestle/Aland text - This Majority text is based
upon the reading of the Majority of Greek NT
manuscripts (90%+) and examining of manuscripts'
individual reliability - this text is the Greek NT
that believers, throughout the centuries who have read
the Greek NT, have believed provientially to be the
Greek NT - The wide spread traditional text.  A nice
edition is still being published in THE NKJV

3) The Reformation Textus Receptus camp (beginning
with Erasmus) - The Greek NT popularized by the
Authorized Version - King James Version(and other
Reformation era translations)and is quite popularized
by the "KJV-Only" groups.  It is similar to #2 but is
based upon a limited number of Greek NT manuscripts,
as opposed to #2.  The Trinitarian Bible Society has
popular editions of this text.

Welcome to the controversy.

Larry Baker
American Christian College and Seminary, Moore, OK

--- Diana L Hayes <dihayes at juno.com> wrote:

> Dear B-Greeks,
>   Just a quick question on what you all think the
> best original greek
> text is to use.  Just would like to know the brief
> opinions of you all. 
> Or if someone knows the date of an archive where
> this question has
> already been answered in detail, that would be
> helpful.  Thank you. 
> Looking forward to your response.
> In His mercy,
> Diana Hayes
> Shepherd, TX
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