[B-Greek] Iliad, anyone?

George F Somsel gfsomsel at juno.com
Fri Apr 22 14:37:13 EDT 2005

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 11:18:14 -0700 "Keith Saare" <ksaare at masters.edu>
> This topic is justified for it uses the historical comparative method 
> of
> study through the centuries leading up to the Koine and Greek NT. I 
> am
> hoping you seasoned classicists will lend a helping hand while I am 
> in
> the groundbreaking phase of venturing outside of the NT to study 
> the
> changes the language went through before arriving at the first 
> century.
> My resources for studying classical are very scarce. I am relying 
> upon
> Liddell & Scott (L&S) and my NT grammars. Obviously my work will be
> deficient, but I welcome your critique to correct my numerous 
> mistakes
> which I am about to spew forth.
> I've never read The Iliad in translation, but my analysis of the 
> opening
> lines is as follows:
> * MHNIN - L&S lexical form: MHNIS (Acc. Sg. Fem.), direct object of 
> the
> following imperative AEIDE,  "wrath," "anger."            
> * AEIDE - L&S lexical form: AEIDW (Pres. Act. Impv. 2nd pers. 
> Sing.),
> "sing!", "chant!" 
> *QEA - Voc. "O goddess"      
> * PHLHIADEW - L&S lexical form: PHLEUS (Epic genitive form. Sg. Used 
> in
> a paternal context? Gen. of relationship? [I'm not sure here, 
> somebody
> help me please.]), "son of Peleus."
> * ACILHOS - L&S form:  ACILLEUS (Epic genitive form. Connected to 
> "wrath of Achilles"), "of Achilles."
> * OULOMENHN - L&S lexical form: OULOMENOS (Aor. Mid. Part. Acc. 
> Fem.
> Sg.), modifies MHNIN and used as adjective, "destructive."
> My wooden translation: "Sing, O goddess, (the) destructive wrath of
> Achilles son of Peleus,"
> To keep this message from getting too long, I'll stop at this point 
> and
> pick up later in another thread where I left off.
> Keith Saare

So far, not bad.  Since you don't have classical grammars, you might
download Goodwin


There are also other resources on the site you might wish to check out.


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