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There is an alternative. I ignore *most* accents in teaching first year Greek. 

The exceptions are: they must know the names of the accents, they must stress the accented syllable when pronouncing the word, and for forms which are distinguished by the accent they must know the correct accent. 

They do not have to know how to determine the correct accent (i.e., the myriad of rules for accent).

This will not do if one wants to learn/teach Greek composition, but if the goal is to *read* the Greek NT--and you have limited course hours, it may be worth the trade off. Will those who learn the full accent system and learn to write the Greek with correct accents know Greek better? Sure. (It grates me to be such a pragmatist, but I've found no better solution in the typical American college/seminary curriculum. :(

(And you really should investigate Mounce's textbook for next year; it's a major upgrade from Machen, IMHO!)

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> Hi.
> I'm a Bible college teacher and I'm teaching Greek 1 and 2 
> this year. (This is the first year we require this of our 
> Bible students.) We don't have the new books I read about 
> here, like Mounce's, so I'm just content with what we have, 
> which is Machen's. Seems like his is not much of a book for 
> many now. I myself learned 1st year Greek from Ray Summer's book.
> But my question to you experienced Greek teachers there is 
> this: Do I really need to teach the accents?
> I think, yeah, if you'd like to read correctly. But if just 
> for study and exegesis, does it really matter?
> God bless . . .
> Jun Cagas
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