[B-Greek] Lunate sigma: a follow-up to Frustrated Greek Learner! question

Clinton J Armstrong cj.and.liahn at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 7 14:26:25 EDT 2004

Confused as I've been regarding fonts for Greek using
my PC (though I've finally learned a rudimentary thing
or two like the difference between unicode and
packaged fonts), I've finally started using Windows XP
happily, and now switch between English and Greek
Arial Unicode at the touch of a button in my Microsoft
programs.  I'm still not completely happy, though ...
I'd really like my sigmas to be lunate instead of
bothering with medial and final forms (which of course
switch appropriately and automatically in the
programs; thank goodness we have at least the
technology for that!).  Is there anything to do for
this except mourn the medial form or spend the next
year writing my own font?  I'd appreciate a clue in
the right direction from anyone who's as picky as me,
or at least a word of comfort for the loss of my
dream.  Thanks much!

--CJ Armstrong

Clinton J. Armstrong
Christ Lutheran Church
820 West Imperial Highway
Brea, CA  92821

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