[B-Greek] pronunciation of Cockney "belt"

Barbara D. Colt babc2 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 7 04:54:19 EST 2004

On 7 Nov 2004 at 0:23, Eric Weiss wrote:

> Can anyone tell me what the Cockney pronunciation of
> the "el" in "belt" would be and how it differs from,
> or is similar to, the "eu" in "feud" (Erasmian) or the
> "ev/ef" (Modern Greek) pronunciation that other Greek
> grammars give?
"e" as in "set" followed by "oo" as in "food," but it's a diphthong ( as 
though I were to say that "ou" in "out" is pronounced as "a" as in "calm" 
followed by "oo" as in "food").

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