[B-Greek] Vowel rules for Erasmian pronunciation

Barbara D. Colt babc2 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 8 19:28:50 EST 2004

> There are a LOT of Greek grammars that say there are long and short 
> alphas and iotas. Others just give one sound for each of the 
vowels. > Some even give a long and short upsilon.

In languages other than English, vowel-length pertains not to the 
pronunciation of the vowel but to how long it's held.  There are 
differences in vowel length in English, of course, but they have no 
phonemic value and so we pay no attention to them, and most English 
speakers are unconscious of them.  But listen carefully to the 
difference between the vowel in pack or pat and that in pad or pan.

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