[B-Greek] Re: Greek & Hebrew brush-up" tools

Edward Anton edwardanton at cox.net
Fri Feb 27 16:36:29 EST 2004

"I borrowed a book once that was meant to make memorization easier. I can't
remember the name of the book but it had all sorts of absurd mnemonics for
endings that correspond to moods and tenses etc. My memory was not good
enough to be able to use these "memory aids". (About all I remember of this
book was that the picture for the subjunctive was a 'junk sub'marine.)"

That book is Greek to Me by J. Lyle Story. He was my Greek professor at
Regent U. I highly recommend the approach. Definitely purchase the CD; it's
a great interactive complement. His mnemonic devices are so vivid that they
have stuck with me to this day.

Edward. J. Anton
Hampton Roads Church

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