[B-Greek] Criteria for evaluating NT Greek Intro Grammars

Ted Shoemaker tedsmath at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 15:49:45 EST 2004

While we are discussing the merits of various NT grammars, could some
of you also critique the Attic grammars?  (Athenaze, Hansen & Quinn,
etc.)  Yes, this has been done now and then on this group.  But if we
could evaluate the classical grammars alongside the NT grammars,
especially comparing the various criteria that people will mention, I
believe some new light will be thrown on the whole picture.

Technically, my post is off-topic, since this group is about *NT*
Greek.  But some have said that the study of Attic Greek is a good
prep for NT Greek, and I'll hang onto that notion as an excuse for
the preceding.

Thank you very much,

Ted Shoemaker

Ted Shoemaker
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