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Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
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At 7:41 AM -0500 2/12/04, Polycarp66 at aol.com wrote:
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>A couple days ago jgibson000 at comcast.net wrote:
>List members may like to know that Alexander Souter's Pocket Lexicon to the
>GNT is now available online from Textkit as a download at:
>There are some other materials that List members will also want to see
>at the Textkit site.
>Go to: http://www.textkit.com/
>This is a helpful website. Could someone briefly inform me of the
>reliability/scholarship of Alexander Souter's Pocket Lexicon. On this
>website Smyth's
>grammar is available. Is this of value to me as Koine student: should I spend
>half a day downloading its 40 MB?
>You should definitely have Smyth.  I'm a little less keen on Souter.

I think Souter's a useful little vade mecum and almost surely preferable to
the Barclay Newman glossary associated with the UBS GNTs. The Smyth grammar
is indeed, IMHO, an indispensable tool for any serious student of ancient
Greek, even if its focus is more upon earlier than Hellenistic Greek; what
I'd question is the usefulness of a 40MB PDF file for navigating back and
forth between contents and index and sections of the reference work; the
HTML version at Perseus is a good deal quicker to navigate but I'd still
far rather have a hard copy of Smyth that I can put various marking slips
in it and move back and forth on what I'm checking.

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