[B-Greek] Advanced Grammatical Search using BibleWorks 6

moon at sogang.ac.kr moon at sogang.ac.kr
Sat Dec 25 06:11:24 EST 2004

Hi, I just bought BibleWorks version 6, because I read that it has
the most powerful and general search engine. I have studied the
software for three days. I think it is really powerful. However, I
face a problem that looks very serious to me. I would like to know from
experienced users the solutioh to it. 

The problem is that the BibleWorks search engine has no notion of "phrase", e.g. noun phrase, 
verb phrase, prepositional phrase, adjectival phrase, adverbial phrase, etc. So, 
agreement constraints and  ordering constraints can be specified between lexical words, but
not between phrases which are constructed from multiple lexical words. 

BibleWorks has a "AND Merge Box" which can have  multiple Word Boxes as daughters. 
(We can declare it to be a subquery and give a name to it and save it as a query file.). I can
construct a Merge Box that represents a simple noun phrase. But that is the end. I cannot 
create an order arrow or an Agreement Box between a Merge box and a Word box/a Merge Box.

The above observation is based on my reading of the manual and the tests of queries I constructed.
If I am wrong, please tell me so. Otherwise, please tell me if there is another way to solve my 
problem, or another Bible software that does what I want or allows me to write down rules or
constraints to do what I want to do. 


Moon Jung
Sogang Univ, Seoul, Korea

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