[B-Greek] "Christ is born" in Greek

Eric Weiss papaweiss1 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 14 08:42:45 EST 2004

(please excuse and/or correct my possible misspellings)
At Easter, the Greek Orthodox greeting is CRISTOS ANESTH 
("Christ is risen!"), with the response ALHQWS ANESTH 
("Indeed, He is risen.").
1. What is the parsing for this form (assuming it's Koine, and not modern 
Greek) - is it aor. act. ind. 3. sing., i.e., "Christ rose"? If so, why isn't the 
perfect used, i.e., ANESTHKE(N)? If ANESTH is actually a modern Greek 
perfect, then would the Koine form of this greeting be ANESTHKE(N)?
2. What would be a comparable Christmas greeting of "Christ is born!" 
a. Would one use the aorist passive (assuming the aorist is what is or 
should be used with "Christ is risen") - i.e., "CRISTOS EGENNHQH / 
- OR - 
b. Would one use the perfect passive - i.e., "CRISTOS GEGENNHTAI / 
3. What is the actual Greek Orthodox Christmas Greeting? One Website 
says "Kala Christouyenna" which I assume is "Happy Christ's birth" 
- KALA CRISTOU GENNA? Would this be the Koine form as well, 
or would a different word than KALA be used; would CRISTOUGENNA 
be one word as well?

Eric S. Weiss

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