[B-Greek] Check out a looming lurker's GNT site!

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Mon Dec 13 19:24:43 EST 2004

A recent newbie on the list, Zack Hubert, e-mailed me today and told me
about what he's put together at his site entitled "A home for fellow
biblical Greek students" (although he says he might change the name of it.
It's at


He's used James Tauber's MorphGNT and produced a lovely interface to
display a verse or a chapter at a time of any text in the GNT and to
display parsing and a simple gloss for any word over which the mouse
hovers; click on the word and you'll get graphs showing every instance of
the particular form in the GNT and another showing every form of the root
of the word in the GNT as well as the frequency of the form or of the root
in different GNT books. That's goes pretty far to showing as much about the
nouns, adjectives, nouns or whatnot as expensive Bible programs show--and
the Unicode text is large and neat. He's asking for feedback and he insists
there's more to come in the way of improvements.

Check it out and send your feedback not to me, but to Zack:

	"Hubert, Zack" <zhubert at amazon.com>

Here's his own blurb from the front page of his site:
The Greek New Testament
Submitted by zhubert on Tue, 12/07/2004 - 00:08.
Complete GNT online - source text is from jtauber, based on Nestle Aland 26
Parsing - available for every word, just hover over the word with your mouse
Word Detail Page - click on a word while reading and see detailed
information about that word
Word Study - from the detail page, you can conduct a study on every use of
the form or the root
Graphical Occurrence - from the word detail page, shows occurrences of both
root and form by book
Basic Root Definitions - simple lexicon entries, right now very woeful,
from Perseus...soon you will be able to correct these!

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