[B-Greek] Re: Unicode for typing Greek

Wieland Willker willker at chemie.uni-bremen.de
Thu Dec 9 10:43:14 EST 2004

>From what I read I can only conclude: 
This Unicode thingy is 
1. difficult to understand
2. difficult to use
3. user-unfriendly
4. incompatible

Now, don't tell me I have to use it because it is the future or it makes
things easier. 
There are a few good Greek fonts out there. Everybody in the field has
them. Why do we need something else? Well, ok, perhaps for webpages with
Greek it might be good, but else? 

For my work I need SGreek, EGreek, Bwgrkl, Vaticanus, Uncial ... all
differently looking. Who will convert them for me into Unicode fonts?
And what is the advantage then? Still the same number of fonts. So, even
if I would be willing to convert my stuff to Unicode, I am unable to do
it now. 

Best wishes
Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
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