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GraecaII and HebraicaII are commercial fonts and not available for free.
They are also quite expensive and there are now better options available. I
recommend that you move to Unicode fonts as soon as your hardware and
software allow (ideally WinXP or Mac OS X, though Win NT & 2K are also OK;
98 & ME are marginal and Unicode works in Word only). Once you are using
Unicode fonts, I highly recommend the Gentium font (which is free--and no, I
have no connection with the creator/owner of Gentium). Details at:
http://www.sil.org/~gaultney/Gentium/ and
I'll also be posting a document called "What NT students need to know about
Unicode" as soon as I can get it into better form. I presented a PhD seminar
session on the topic last week. It will be linked from the Unicode page
noted above.

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> To any that can help,
> Do you know where I might download the GraecaII and 
> HebraicaII fonts for free? The Logos System, which carried 
> the fonts, is no longer available. The new Libronix system 
> does not carry the fonts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 
> Paul at prsynoptic at cs.com

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