[B-Greek] hETEROS or ALLOS

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R.C. Trench argued for that distinction in his book, Synonyms of The New

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> Classical Greek scholars, some anyway, tell us that
> there was a distinction between hETEROS and ALLOS
> hETEROS indicated 'another of a different kind' while
> ALLOS indicated 'another of the same kind.'
> Was this distinction generally observed in Classical
> Greek?
> Next, Koine scholars, some anyway, indicate that the
> Classical distinction of these two words was no longer
> observed. Suppose that a NT writer wanted to make this
> distinction in a particular passage, how could he do
> so? Maybe my question is better written: can a NT
> writer bring out the Classical distinction between
> hETEROS and ALLOS, and if so, how?
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