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At 6:55 AM -0400 6/27/03, <bertdehaan at gosympatico.ca> wrote:
>I have found it easier to remember the meaning of a word if I know which
>words were used to form it (even if the meaning does not equal the sum of
>its parts).
>When I came across ARCITRIKLINOS (John 2:9) I was puzzled how these three
>word can come to mean -head waiter-. The first part is obviously related
>to ARCWN -ruler-, no problem there.
>The last part is related to KLINH -bed-. Maybe there is a connection with
>table ie; waiting at tables (serving)?
>The middle part TRI really got me wondering. What does three have to do
>with anything here?
>Can someone help me out please?
>(I suspect I'll remember the meaning now anyway due to the fact that it
>got me wondering).

This is actually a sort of "coined" Greek word partially derived from the
Latin word for dining room, TRICLINIUM; this was an arrangement in a "C" of
large couches upon which guests would recline, ordinarily in groups of 9 or
12 (3 or 4 on each of the three sides) facing a central area. The Latin
TRICLINIUM became in Greek TRIKLINOS and the chief steward or "head waiter"

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