[B-Greek] Mapping Language changes

Paul Toseland toseland at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jun 25 08:23:12 EDT 2003

Hi Carl.

You  wrote,

 >It is certainly true, as Brian mentions above and as I noted
 >in a message yesterday, that the so-called "Second-Sophistic
 >and its "Atticist" influence retarded the completion of several
 >changes which had begun to take place three centuries or
 >more earlier.

Brian Boland rightly dates the Second Sophisitc to 'about 
50-250'. However, given that many of the New Testament
documents were written before 70 A.D., it  is probably worth
noting that, citing compelling evidence form Philo, Bruce Winter
has demonstrated that  this movement was 'already  flowering
if not  flourishing' in the first half of the first century:

 Winter, B. W., 'Philo and Paul Among the Sophists',
*New York : Cambridge University Press, 1997.*; the quote
is from p 4.

_ _

Paul Toseland
Bristol, UK

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