[B-Greek] flash cards for Mac

Steven Lo Vullo slovullo at mac.com
Tue Jun 24 02:16:44 EDT 2003

Hi all:

Just thought I would pass this on to the Mac users out there who are 
interested in making their own customized flash cards. I came across a 
pretty slick freeware application for OS X called iFlash that can be 
downloaded from <http://www.loopware.com/software/>. You can use any 
fonts on your system, including Greek with breathings and accents. It 
is described as follows by the creators:

"What iFlash can do:

- Category support, with an easy drag and drop method of adding cards 
to categories.
- Advanced memorization remembers which cards you have memorized.
- Import flash cards from text files.
- Export flash cards to a text file.
- Show cards back-to-front instead of front-to-back (Jeopardy mode).
- Show a random side of a card.
- Start the card show from a specified card.
- Font selection for both the front and back sides.
- Alignment selection for both the front and back sides
- Full-screen card show, to block out all distractions.
- Edit cards on the fly during the card show."

There are also two nifty companion applications: Deck2Go, which allows 
you to sync your flash cards with iPod, and Combine, which allows you 
to combine several decks into one. I haven't tried these yet (just got 
them tonight), but am looking forward to seeing how this works on the 

Grace & Peace,

Steve Lo Vullo

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