[B-Greek] Master's degree in NT Greek

Chris Larimer chris.larimer at pcusa.org
Sun Jun 22 15:19:21 EDT 2003

Johnson Bible College (Knoxville, TN) offers an MA in New Testament
http://ashley.jbc.edu/mastersnt/index.htm. This degree is available entirely
by distance!  There are three concentrations: Preaching, Research, and
Contract.  Research requires a thesis and in viva oral defense.  The
Contract track allows you to take the core courses from JBC and to transfer
in courses from other universities.  Transferring allows you to create a
concentration in Greek by taking graduate level courses at seminaries and
universities that offer only a few classes via distance (or you can transfer
in work done at an institution).  For transferral, you can look at
www.rtsvirtual.edu and www.southernchristian.edu, which offer graduate
language work.  You would just want to make sure that any transferability
issues are handled before undertaking the coursework.  Some seminaries that
do not hold regional accreditation (such as Trinity in IL) offer very sound
education -- which can be recognized by JBC.

Hope that helps.

Chris Larimer

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