[B-Greek] transcription to Greek

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jun 20 16:44:27 EDT 2003

>   And, are all the supposed Aramacisms (where hebraisti is 
> used) of this nature? 
>   Do they all have this dual possibility ?  
>   That seems a little odd, that they all would fit almost 
> perfectly in two different ways
> from two different languages.  Comments ?

By "all the supposed Aramacisms (where hebraisti is used)" do you mean
simply Gabbatha, Bethzatha/Bethesda, Golgotha, and Rabbouni in John's
The only other words called Hebraisti up to the third century which might be
considered Aramaic are:

Heron, De Mensuris 60.4 mentions a measure called XOUZA; and KABA DE ESTIN
Herodianus, Partitiones page 31 line 5 ELWI.
Origenes, Contra Celsum 6.32 ELWAI.

We can often determine whether the etymological source of transcribed words
is Aramaic or Hebrew (e.g. Akeldama=Aramaic; Armageddon=Hebrew) because a
word from which the name is derived does not occur in one or the other


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