[B-Greek] What is the VORLAGE of the LXX?

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> What is the VORLAGE of the LXX? i.e. the source from which the LXX was
> translated?

I think this question goes way beyond our list purposes here, but briefly,
nobody knows.  That is wasn't the Masoretic Text, but something closer to the
text types revealed in the DDS is generally agreed, however.

Here's a biblio:

Tov, Emmanuel.  *The Text Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research.*
Jerusalem: Simor, Ltd., 1981.

Jobes, Karen & Silva, Moises.  *A Introduction to the Septuagint.*  Grand
Rapids: Baker, 2000.

Jellicoe, Sidney.  *The Septuagint in Modern Study.*  Winona Lake, IN.:
Eisenbrauns, 1989.

Swete, H.B.  *Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek.*  Peabody, MA:
Hendrickson, 1989 (reprint: Cambridge University Press edition, 1914).

I think it's interesting that Swete has the technically most correct title!

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