[B-Greek] RE: interlinear Greek -literal English SEPTUAGINT

Larry Baker lbaker at accs.edu
Wed Jun 18 09:54:48 EDT 2003

I have been looking for such an item for some years, too.  I have
explained to my students that in a sense the Septuagint is an
Hellenistic bridge between the Greek NT and Hebrew OT. So at times some
members of our group here in NT studies would find such an interlinear
helpful in examining the LXX.  

Brenton's does not "fit the bill" and is too dated.  I know of IOSCS's
NETS with http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/nets/ [and their plans for a LXX
commentary http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/ioscs/commentary/] and of the
Orthodox scholars group's OSB-OT with http://www.lxx.org/work_d1.htm.
It has been over 150 years since any wide publication of an English
translation of the LXX...until these two.  The next logical step after
this would be a Greek/English interlinear LXX.

Larry N. Baker, prof. of biblical languages
American Christian College and Seminary

Hi friends,
can anyone recommend any interlinear Greek -literal English SEPTUAGINT
available in hard copy or as file?

All the best,
Colin Thompson, Gateshead, England.

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