[B-Greek] Matthew 24:34

bertdehaan at gosympatico.ca bertdehaan at gosympatico.ca
Tue Jun 17 21:49:49 EDT 2003

 > 3. What is the meaning of hEWS?
> This word does not always correspond to English "until". If we say in
> English: "This genea will not pass away until X has happened", the
> implication is that then it WILL pass away. It seems to me that the meaning
> of hEWS here is more like "while". While all these things WILL happen, this
> GENEA will not pass away during that difficult time - as might have been
> expected. Rather, this GENEA will continue to exist, event though all these
> things will indeed happen. hEWS basically means "during a period up to a
> certain point", but there is no clear implication from the word in itself as
> to what might happen after that point.
> Iver Larsen
I looked up hEWS in my small lexicon and found that one of the possibilities is indeed -while-.
When I looked up MECRIS (Mark 13:30) I did not find this possibility. Can MECRIS mean while the same way hEWS can?

Bert de Haan.

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