[B-Greek] TLG query

Daniel Riaño danielrr at eresmas.net
Mon Jun 16 10:28:42 EDT 2003

>I just received TLG--my first chance to work with this tool. Two questions:
>1. Am I correct in that the LXX is not included in the TLG database? (If so,
>would I assume that this might be because it is a translation and not
>"original Greek"?)

Yes it is. Look for "Septuaginta". TLG always (and correctly) 
latinizes authors and works names.

>2. Is there anywhere to access the complete, current TLG canon list in an
>easily readable format? (Either on the CD or web? I know there is a printed
>edition of an older version of the canon. And I know that I can view a
>complete list of authors within TLG--I'm using SilverMountain's TLG
>Workplace.) The <DOCCAN2.TXT> file is obviously formatted for machine
>readability, but that makes it very difficult to read otherwise. (The TLG
>site is apparently down this morning.)

You can access the TLG Canon that resides inside the TLG CD ROM via 
your software program. At least you can do that with Pandora3, SNS, 
Musaios and SilverMountain's TLG Workplace, but the way to do it 
varies from one program to another. In Pandora3 you can either a) 
make a search on the "TLG Canon: Bibliography" or the  "TLG Canon: 
Database" (at the end of the list of works) as you would search on 
any other text. b) You can also browse any of those texts, and export 
parts of it. If memory serves, I think you can also download a HTML 
version of the Canon from the TLG web page. It is a wonderful tool

>Hmmm. Guess I'll need to spend more time figuring out the search system
>then. I first noticed what I assumed was a lack of LXX data when a simple
>search for PASA SARX did not turn up any hits in LXX (when I know it's used
>about 20 times, e.g., Isa 40:5).

It is there: the string "pasa sarx" appears 21 times on Septuaginta 
(369 times in the full TLG, if you wanted to know). TLG's Septuaginta 
is Rahlf's.

Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas
Madrid, España

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