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Jeffrey B. Gibson jgibson000 at attbi.com
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bgreek at ntresources.com wrote:

> I just received TLG--my first chance to work with this tool. Two questions:
> 1. Am I correct in that the LXX is not included in the TLG database? (If so,
> would I assume that this might be because it is a translation and not
> "original Greek"?)

No, it is there. It's included in the section called "varia and incertum".

> 2. Is there anywhere to access the complete, current TLG canon list in an
> easily readable format? (Either on the CD or web? I know there is a printed
> edition of an older version of the canon. And I know that I can view a
> complete list of authors within TLG--I'm using SilverMountain's TLG
> Workplace.) The <DOCCAN2.TXT> file is obviously formatted for machine
> readability, but that makes it very difficult to read otherwise. (The TLG
> site is apparently down this morning.)

The TLG site is, as far as I know, the best source for what your are seeking.
And don't discount the printed canon List. If memory serves, the editors
anticipated the need to list the works they had not yet included in the C and
earlier editions of the TLG.



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