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Mon Jun 16 09:12:05 EDT 2003

I just received TLG--my first chance to work with this tool. Two questions:

1. Am I correct in that the LXX is not included in the TLG database? (If so,
would I assume that this might be because it is a translation and not
"original Greek"?)

2. Is there anywhere to access the complete, current TLG canon list in an
easily readable format? (Either on the CD or web? I know there is a printed
edition of an older version of the canon. And I know that I can view a
complete list of authors within TLG--I'm using SilverMountain's TLG
Workplace.) The <DOCCAN2.TXT> file is obviously formatted for machine
readability, but that makes it very difficult to read otherwise. (The TLG
site is apparently down this morning.)

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