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It's not as clear-cut as it looks as there were 3 types of legal "marriage",
inc. written marriage (for the upper-class, for the benefit of heirs in
distribution of property) and unwritten marriage in Greek, Roman and Jewish
law in Palestine at the time - written marriage was usually in the form of a
bank contract (who gets what in the question of end of marriage) - and thus
the word in question just means "separate" as to divorce merely meant to
leave the relationship - any legal document was to do with return of the
dowry. There is a great danger of anachronism coming into play with the
meaning here. It could be correctly translated "separate" or "divorce" as
both meant the same thing in Palestine at the time. "Put away" is not a word
we use in English today.
Ann Nyland

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> does the word apoluo in Matthew 19:9 mean divorce?  In the text it is
> translated as "put away" but would this word be the same as the way we use
> English word divorce today?
> Trying to learn the truth, Steven Estes
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