[B-Greek] Mark 4:26-31: The word for "seed"

kent lee k-lee7 at students.uiuc.edu
Sun Jun 15 16:31:13 EDT 2003

> Barry, > What came through on mine was:
>     "'o spoqor, 'o sitor, 'o jojjor" > and

I don't think the problem is at his end. This is what i got, even though i
tried changing my character display settings:

> > > "'ï óðïñïò, 'ï óéôïò, 'ï êïêêïò" are three words sometimes
> > addition is the word "ôï óðåñìá, -áôïò."  Thank you for any reflections.

I don't know why some postings like this appear as gibberish -- most
display okay. Barry's admonition to send in plain text format is valid.
And if you're using web based mail, be sure to select the plain text
rather than styled/HTML options for sending.

kent lee

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