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At 00:34 15/06/2003, creider at uwo.ca wrote:

>You will need to read the details of accentuation in
>another grammar.  The account given in the appendix of Jay's grammar
>(which should still be available in the UK, published by SPCK or used
>if out of print) is very clear (pp. 272-277).  There is also an account
>of accentuation in the tutorial guide by Frank Beetham and Allison
>Balaam to Beetham's An Introduction to N T Greek, both published by
>Duckworth (Bristol Classical Press series).

Go to:
[ This is the home page of Donald J. Mastronarde, author of Introduction to 
Attic Greek (Berkeley, CA: Univ. of California Press, 1993).
in which the topic of accentuation is gradually developed in digestible 
portions in each chapter ]

and you will find both an accentuation tutorial and on-line interactive 
accentuation practice module:
 >>  Accentuation Practice presents interactive exercises to test and 
develop mastery of the accentuation system of ancient Attic Greek.>>

OTOH, there is a paperback solely devoted to accentuation:

Carson, D.A., Greek Accents: A Students' Manual ( Baker Books / Paternoster 
Press 1995 )


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