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Fri Jun 13 09:09:14 EDT 2003

I just wondered if there are any good places to download spoken
biblical greek, preferably something from NA27 so I can follow

I've so far been teaching myself from Wenham, which is fine,
but I'm concious that when I'm reading things to myself I tend
to pronounce a lot of vowels and dipthongs roughly the same.
This is already causing me some problems in remembering vocab,
e.g. replacing etas with epsilons and such. Given that I'm
about half way through Wenham, I feel like I should be getting
these things right!

I've started reading a chapter of the NT aloud every night to
get a feel for pronouncing stuff properly, and I'm starting to
become more consistent with myself and it feels more natural,
but it'd be good to just hear and repeat from a more proficient

Also, I know Mounce is keen on accents, whilst Wenham isn't. But
I wondered how much attention people actually pay to them in
reality. I'm getting quite good at ignoring them :)


Ranulf Doswell
Coventry, UK

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