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Mitch Larramore mitchlarramore at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 00:49:36 EDT 2003

I am currently reading about the Attributive and
Predicate positions of the Adjective. The catchy
slogan to help remember the rule is that the Predicate
Adjective is "OUTSIDE the Article-Noun group." So then
hO ANQRWPOS hO AGAQOS is Attributive, meaning "the
good man" and hO ANQRWPOS AGAQOS is Predicate, meaning
"the man is good". It is said that AGAQOS is "outside"
of hO ANQRWPOS (Article-Noun group). Would it be more
precise to say that the Predicate position of the
Adjective is OUTSIDE the Article-Noun AND WITHOUT THE
ARTICLE? Because if you look at the example above, the
Attributive position (hO ANQRWPOS hO AGAQOS) has hO
AGAQOS "oustide" the hO ANQRWPOS (which is the
Article-Noun group) but is Attributive. I'm really not
sure I've asked this question the right way. I've
reread my question and it looks right. Is it important
to recognize this Article (hO AGAQOS) with the

Mitch Larramore
Spring Branch, Texas
Student/Memorial High School

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