[B-Greek] Re: B-Greek Digest, Vol 6, Issue 11

Arthur King whonexus at att.net
Thu Jun 12 17:13:38 EDT 2003


Andy said:
>\Some of the bible notes that I have seen says that it should be "Have the
faith of God".

Mark Wilson said:
>May I inquire: in whom or what would God place his faith?
>:o )
>Mark Wilson

I have been edified by the generous, well reasoned and instructive replies
to Andy's queries.  I think that Mark Wilson has addressed  the nut of the

I would add - what is faith?  Does Evangelist Mark indicate in other
sections of his Gospel record what he means by that term?  Do the other
Evangelists through any light on it?  Etc . . ..  Even if we had all such
input in the words of others, we might still not understand the passage in
question if we lack sufficient life experience to understand the intended

Arthur King

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