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>Thanks for the reply. So are you saying that it is probably more
>appropriate to say have Faith in God rather than say have the Faith of
>God, as in having the God 'kind' of Faith, as if to say that there were
>different kinds of Faiths? 
>In this particular instant, it looks like Jesus was telling them to have
>the God kind of faith, as opposed to having their own kind of Faith.
>Then if this is the case it looks like that should be 'have the faith of

Andy, I have readthe other responses and would like to add one other 
observation.  Prepositions in any language are tricky. This is why I try
and help my students to think of functions rather than try and associate
cases with prepositions. 

The association of the preposition "of" with the genitive is something we
do in English because in English it sometimes denotes description for us 
and the genitive is the case of description. However, this can be indicated
in many other ways. It seems to me that to use "of" in this instance of the
genitive actually distorts what the writer is saying even though it may be
a possible gloss of the Greek. I really would encourage you to use Jonathan's
grammar and begin to build some understanding of the phenomena of the 

Carlton Winbery
Louisiana College

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